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High Speed Internet for Your Home

Premier Broadband is proud to bring you High Speed Wireless and 100% Fiber Fast Internet. Our internet service uses the latest technology and delivers speeds that allow you to stream HD videos, movies, TV shows and game online.

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Why Premier Broadband?

Premier Broadband has built our business on the belief that where you live shouldn’t limit your connection to opportunity. We invest in communities like yours, and serve your home and office with reliable wireless and fiber (Coming Soon) high-speed internet access and the best technology available.


Premier will not cap your data nor slow down your speeds once you have reached a certain amount of data used each month.

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No annual contract for internet service – Premier’s service is prepaid, so you aren’t tied to an annual contract.
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Streaming-Fast Connection allows you to watch movies and videos, game in real time, listen to music, and catch up with friends on social media.

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It’s Time to Cut the Cord

Tired of paying costly cable or satellite TV bill each month? get the same channels you want through streaming TV.

High Speed Internet brings faster, more reliable speeds that let you cut the cord to your traditional TV services—ultimately saving you money!

Premier Broadband has partnered with MyBundle.TV to simplify your streaming TV options.

  • FREE personalized recommendations on which streaming services fit your needs and budget
  • Manage your streaming costs
  • Create watchlists
  • Create custom streaming bundles
  • Save 50% cost over cable or satellite packages

You may be eligible to get FREE Internet with the new Affordable Connectivity Program

Premier is dedicated to helping our communities stay connected affordably. We are proud to now participate in the Federal Government’s Affordable Connectivity Program.

If you qualify, and depending on the speed you choose, your Premier Internet service could be FREE with this $30 monthly credit.

Let’s reconnect with Premier Fiber.

We’re building a new 100% Fiber Internet network with
upload speeds as fast as downloads for seamless
working, streaming, and gaming.

Protection Plan

Premier Protection service plan provides you with peace of mind that your fiber and wireless equipment will be maintained with no surprise out of pocket costs to you. 

Premier Plus Support Gets all Your Devices Going

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