Residential Fiber Internet + Phone

100% Fiber Coming Soon to These Communities. 

Affordable and 100% Fiber Internet for Everyone.
Starting at $44.99/month.

High Speed Fiber Internet for Your Home

Stream TV shows, movies, videos, game in real time and listen to music without the long buffering. We aim to be the best Internet Service Provider in the regions we serve with our technology and support.

We provide everything you need in one affordable service plan. No data caps or overage fees ever! Ditch your current Internet Service Provider and switch to Premier today! Today we live out that vision by ingraining ourselves in communities like yours, and serving you with reliable, high-speed internet access and phone systems. 

Explore your community below to learn more or enter your address below to see if fiber services are available to you.


Mineral Springs
Nashville (Coming Soon)
Hope (Coming Soon)


Calvin (Coming in 2025)
Talala Ok
Talala (Coming in 2025)

Go faster with 100% Fiber

99.9% reliability and greater whole home WiFi coverage

Fiber 200

200 Mbps Internet
$ 44
99 Per Month
  • No Annual Contract
  • Unlimited Data
  • Managed WiFi
  • Streaming, gaming, downloading large files and more.

Fiber 400

400 Mbps Internet
$ 59
99 Per Month
  • No Annual Contract
  • Unlimited Data
  • Managed WiFi
  • Stream 4K UHD, multi-player gaming, work & learn from home for the whole family.

Fiber 1000

1 GIG Internet
$ 89
99 Per Month
  • No Annual Contract
  • Unlimited Data
  • Managed WiFi
  • Ultra-fast speed and best value for ultra-connected homes.

It’s Time to Cut the Cord

Tired of paying costly cable or satellite TV bill each month? get the same channels you want through streaming TV.

High Speed Internet brings faster, more reliable speeds that let you cut the cord to your traditional TV services—ultimately saving you money!

Premier Broadband has partnered with MyBundle.TV to simplify your streaming TV options.

  • FREE personalized recommendations on which streaming services fit your needs and budget
  • Manage your streaming costs
  • Create watchlists
  • Create custom streaming bundles
  • Save 50% cost over cable or satellite packages

Let’s reconnect with Premier Fiber.

We’re building a new 100% Fiber Internet network with
upload speeds as fast as downloads for seamless
working, streaming, and gaming.

Premier Plus Support

Premier Plus Support is here for you. For just $9.99 a month, you won’t need to worry about getting your smart devices connected to the network or damage to your equipment or installation.

Premium Support

With this option we will assist you with connecting all your smart devices to your Premier Wifi router. If we are unable to get your device connected by phone we included one Free on-site visit per year.

Equipment Protection

Equipment Protection covers you for any accidental damage to the router or mesh units.

Installation Protection

Installation Protection is here for you. You won’t need to worry about standard service visit fees when a home visit is required to resolve customer-caused in-home damage.

Frequently Asked Questions

Our plans offer unlimited data with no data caps or limits. Now you can surf the web or stream without limits.

Our plans offer unlimited data with no data caps or limits. Now you can surf the web or stream without limits.

No annual contract for internet service – Premier’s service is prepaid, so you aren’t tied to an annual contract.

Absolutely we support streaming media including Netflix, Hulu, Youtube, Amazon Video and more! Our plans also support video conferencing for work and school. 

At Premier, our bills are due at the beginning of each month. Service is prepaid in advance.

Your first bill will be prorated for the remaining days in the month and will be due upon installation.

The speeds differ  based on your location. Give us a call to see what is available in your area at (870) 292-4733. 

Your prorated service and installation costs are due upon installation. Please give is a call to get a quote at (870) 292-4733. 

Customer Care & Support

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